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Getting a well-manicured lawn doesn't come easy. Hot weather, insects and other outside factors can be harmful to the health of your lawn. Florida's Landscape Specialist, Inc. provides sod installation services in Port Charlotte, Florida and the surrounding areas. By arranging for sod installation service, you'll get the groomed, green lawn you've been dreaming about. Plus, our team will find out what's causing your grass to deteriorate to prevent it from happening again.

LetFlorida's Landscape Specialist, Inc. handle your sod replacement or installation project today.

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3 reasons your lawn could be dying

Outside factors often affect the health of your lawn. If you're noticing brown, dead spots in your yard, it could be caused by:

  1. Bugs eating the roots of the grass
  2. Drought or lack of proper irrigation
  3. Extreme outdoor temperatures

Florida's Best Landscaping Specialist will get to the root of your lawn problems and do a complete sod replacement to help bring your grass back to life.

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